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Rot, blau, grün - die Farben!

It’s easy to add basic colors to your everyday German “Wortschatz”. As you play and craft with your children, or help your little one get dressed, just slip in the German colors.

We have several books emphasizing colors to help you out. All are meant to be read aloud, but a beginning reader can certainly sound out [...]


Winter favorites

Sind die Handschuhe, Puddlemützen, und der Schal dabei?
Jetzt ist Zeit für Schnee, Schneemannbauen, Schlittenfahren, Rodeln, Schlittschuhlaufen und….Skifahren! Jippee!

But when it’s too cold to play outside, why not curl up with a good book?

We have some new winter-themed books for toddlers, including:
Hurra, es ist Winter! – A small board book with pull up tags highlighting all [...]


Fingerspiele - Zwei Zappelmänner

Fingerspiele are fun little rhymes and hand movements to do with and for children. Your toddler will giggle, and love the attention, while you gently introduce more German into your lives. Here’s an example from Fingerspiele, Klassiker und neue Ideen für Babys und Kleinkinder. (Translation by Sarah Mueller).
Viel Spaß!

Zwei Zappelmänner

Zwei Zappelmänner
aus dem Sack!
Der eine heißt [...]


Celebrate Christmas in the traditional German style


 Wir freuen uns auf Weihnachten is a delightful Christmas book.  It has countless cutout shapes in each page, cleverly turning colors and pictures into another item on the next page.  The story begins in a Kindergarten class preparing for Weihnachtsmarkt.  The room is full of crafts and a hanging advent calendar.  The next [...]


Caillou is fun in German, too!

My two year old son loves Caillou, and he particularly enjoyed being able to experience Caillou in German!


Caillou und der kleine Hund tells the story of Caillou’s adventures helping his grandmother take care of a dog named Albert.  In doing so, Caillou discovers that he wants a dog all of his own.  When [...]


A puzzle book for Christmas

Ein besonderes Kind: Die Geschichte von Jesu Geburt
This is a book you want to study the cover layout closely before presenting to your child, for the cover harbors the puzzle pieces which makes the book “Ein besonderes Kind” a very special book as far as my three and five year old were concerned.


The story itself is [...]


Make your own German ABC Book

Our latest interviewee, Chrissy Leiberan-Titus, has posted a tutorial on how she created a one-of-a-kind German ABC book with her daughter. Here’s the tutorial.

German ABC Book

Wouldn’t this be fun to do with your kids? My two younger boys are going to love it.

Chrissy blogs at Muse of the Morning and has a ton of [...]


German Christmas Books for Little Ones

We’ve got so many fun Christmas items in stock now. I thought I’d share some with you

Christmas Boardbook Set

The Christmas Boardbook Collection is an adorable set of 3 books.

Liebes Christkind, kommst du bald? is a little story about Paul and Marie, two children who’ve moved into a new [...]