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Wish Lists at Alphabet Garten

Did you know you could create a Wish List on Alphabet Garten? This may help you organize your shopping and keep track of the items that interest you.

How? It’s easy!

Create an account on the Alphabet Garten webpage with your email address and password.
Use the My Account button on the top right corner.
Once your account is [...]


Holiday Special Orders available through November 15

We just wanted to remind everyone that the November 15th deadline for Holiday Special Orders is fast approaching! We’re happy to fill Special Orders for your special requests (such as specific titles or items that fit a theme), or for items that we would love to offer but are unable to stock regularly. Special Orders give us the flexibility to offer you [...]


The Prepared Environment

Why a prepared environment is helpful for your family’s use of [...]


Have you considered abandoning German because of a bully?

A warning before you start reading: This is a rant. I’m mad. I hope you won’t be offended by what I have to say here. It’s important and I think it needs to be said. Maybe it will help someone else avoid falling into the same trap.

Photo credit: Nicholasro

Are you your own worst [...]