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Tips and Comments from our Facebook Fans

We recently held a raffle on Facebook to celebrate our 500 fans. Here are the comments (required for the raffle)and a few other recent FB comments:

Unsere lieblings Bücher sind “der kleine Rabe Socke”. Meine Kinder lieben sie zu lesen! We also love the book report forms and all the tips for maintaining a bilingual home!…We [...]


Fasching, Fastnacht, Karneval - Let's Party!

Fasching is just around the corner! Fasching is also known as Fasnacht or Karneval in German-speaking lands, but you may be more familiar with the terms Mardi Gras (New Orleans) or Carnival (Rio de Janeiro). Originally it was celebrated as a way to prepare for Ash Wednesday, and the fasting required during Lent. Now it is one [...]


Christmas songbook for toddlers

It’s never too early for Christmas music! Well, that is my philosophy. I try to hold off until after Thanksgiving, because I love Thanksgiving as well, but I usually can’t help myself. I just love the music of the season!

I also love using anything I can to help put more German into our everyday lives. [...]


Let's get excited about School

Our first day of school is just around the corner. To help the kids get ready, we pull out the books that have a school theme. Here are a few suggestions for your library:

Conni kommt in den Kindergarten - Conni turns 3 years old and can finally go to preschool (German “Kindergarten” actually covers what’s called preschool in [...]


Make German fun (and valuable) for your kids! (Part 1)

“You’ll thank me when you’re older” doesn’t fly at our house so we try to make sure the kids enjoy and value German for their own reasons. Some of our tools include:

Books – Our kids love to read and we have nearly as many German-language books as we have English!
Music – Most of our children’s [...]


Learning German through Music. An interview with Gigi Swenson

Gigi Swenson is a co-founder of Music Lingua, a company which provides language lessons for young children in German, French, and  Spanish. I spoke with her the other day about the exciting things happening in her music classes.

Gigi is full of great information about how young kids learn language and how you can expose them [...]