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Easy Readers Update

Our Easy Reader items are changing! We are offering a wider variety, different levels, and different programs. Our Easy Reader category pulls together books designed to help children learn the steps to becoming established readers who can read on their own and comprehend the story. Easy Reader books usually start with a larger print size [...]


Ich hab einen Freund series

Introduce your child to various occupations in this Lesemaus paperback series. The stories revolve around a child and a family friend that has an interesting occupation. They spend the day together and discuss the different requirements and activities of the position.

In “Kapitän” we join our friend Bernd on his tugboat “Jenny”, and spend the day in [...]


Ein Tag auf... series

Lesemaus’ series “Ein Tag auf…” uses an engaging story to tell about a specific time and place in history. This paperback series is ideal for reading aloud with easy to understand texts, clear detailed illustrations, and stories that your child can relate to. It is recommend for children over 3 years old. Older children will enjoy the [...]