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Review: Mitmach Buch

If you are like me, you have times you wonder how much German your children are actually processing. Sometimes when it looks like their eyes are glazing over and they respond with “Ja” or “Nein” a little too much, I like to pull out the Mitmach Buch I recently purchased from Alphabet Garten.

This is such [...]


Review: tiptoi® Interactive Learning System from Ravensburger

The tiptoi® digital-audio learning system from Ravensburger is one interesting find from our recent visit abroad. We’ve had a number of requests for interactive books, so we took a closer look. After several days of play we’re still very happy with the tiptoi® system, so we’re bringing it to Alphabet Garten. We will be stocking [...]


Interactive books

Okay, we’ve made it through our first day in the bookstores. We didn’t make it to our favorite store specializing in educational materials, so workbooks and the like will be another day or two. We’ve had several requests for interactive books and games, so we spent some time today looking for those. We used to [...]


Preschool Activities in a Package

My youngest son turned 3 last week and one of his presents was Das grosse Vorschul-Paket. I needed something to keep him busy while his brothers are doing schoolwork and I thought this might do the trick. I’ve not been disappointed. What fun we’ve had! I took lots of pictures because you really [...]