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A German-American Christmas: Then and Now (Part 2))

After sharing her childhood memories in Part 1 of “A German-American Christmas: Then and Now”, Eleanor O. reminisces about her family’s current holiday traditions. She is passing on her love of German traditions, culture and language to her granddaughters, extended family, and friends. 

I met Elke through another Kindergarten parent. I had a five year old [...]


Lasst uns Froh und Munter sein -- Nikolaus traditions

On the night of December 5th, we’ll clean up our shoes and place them outside the front door, along with a plate of treats including carrots for his donkey.

We’ll cuddle up on the couch in front of the fireplace, drink Kinderpunsch and Glühwein, listen to Adventslieder, and read stories about Sankt Nikolaus. We’ll chat about [...]


Planning for the holidays

We’ve opened our Advent Shop to meet all of your needs for this busy season!

If you need some help planning your holidays, we highly recommend “Advent und Weihnachten mit Kindern erlebt“.

On December 1, it’s time to start your Adventskalender.  We stock a few out-of-the-ordinary calendars for a memorable Advent:

Pixi Adventskalender have a book for each day of Advent. [...]


Alle Kinder dieser Welt series by Lesemaus

“Lesemaus” is a popular paperback picture book series for children, with entertaining stories that also provide information on a variety of interesting themes. Our children are curious about other cultures and religions, so we were delighted to find the Lesemaus series “Alle Kinder dieser Welt”.

In this series, the focus is on German families with roots in other lands [...]



Osterzeit! This year, Easter is celebrated on March 31, so we have the entire month of March to get ready. Here’s a brief overview of our items for Easter:


Mein kleiner Osterschatz  - 3 cute little board books with Easter themes.

Eins, zwei, drei, fertig ist das Osterei! – Help the Easter Bunny decorate eggs in this board book [...]


Fasching, Fastnacht, Karneval - Let's Party!

Fasching is just around the corner! Fasching is also known as Fasnacht or Karneval in German-speaking lands, but you may be more familiar with the terms Mardi Gras (New Orleans) or Carnival (Rio de Janeiro). Originally it was celebrated as a way to prepare for Ash Wednesday, and the fasting required during Lent. Now it is one [...]



We treasure our German holiday traditions and they play a huge role in our family… Starting with the Adventskalender, of course! We both grew up with Advent calendars. My first ones were sent from family in Germany and we taped them to the window so the light would shine through the lovely pictures when the [...]


Sonne, Mond und Sterne (Martinstag is Nov. 11)

In Germany and Austria, Martinstag, honoring the life of Sankt Martin, is celebrated on November 11. As the traditional songs will tell you, it is a time to take out your lantern, gather with friends and light the darkness in honor of a “good man”. 

 We craft lanterns and usually participate in the local Laternenumzug, meeting [...]


Magazines Subscriptions

Have a serving of German language and culture regularly delivered to your front door! We now offer a small selection of family-friendly magazine subscriptions for our U.S. customers, including GEOmini, GEOlino, Eltern, Disney Lustiges Taschenbuch and more.  Other subscriptions are also available, so email us if you are interested in additional titles.


Fingerspiele - Zwei Zappelmänner

Fingerspiele are fun little rhymes and hand movements to do with and for children. Your toddler will giggle, and love the attention, while you gently introduce more German into your lives. Here’s an example from Fingerspiele, Klassiker und neue Ideen für Babys und Kleinkinder. (Translation by Sarah Mueller).
Viel Spaß!

Zwei Zappelmänner

Zwei Zappelmänner
aus dem Sack!
Der eine heißt [...]