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Wort des Tages

das Kugelgürteltier – Armadillo (das Maskottchen der WM2014 in Brasilien)


Homeschooling Tips from FB fans

Recently we received a question on our Facebook page about homeschool curriculums. Others jumped on the conversation looking for the same thing for their kids of different ages. Our wonderful fans offered several suggestions, including:

Use the German Scoyo site. “This is for kids who speak good German at home. This is less expensive than the [...]


Tips and Comments from our Facebook Fans

We recently held a raffle on Facebook to celebrate our 500 fans. Here are the comments (required for the raffle)and a few other recent FB comments:

Unsere lieblings Bücher sind “der kleine Rabe Socke”. Meine Kinder lieben sie zu lesen! We also love the book report forms and all the tips for maintaining a bilingual home!…We [...]


Interactive books

Okay, we’ve made it through our first day in the bookstores. We didn’t make it to our favorite store specializing in educational materials, so workbooks and the like will be another day or two. We’ve had several requests for interactive books and games, so we spent some time today looking for those. We used to [...]


Join the Summer Reading Program!

This summer we are hosting a Summer Reading Program for kids 4-18. It’s a great way to build the habit of reading in German without the distraction of school work, enjoy new books, and have fun! You can track the minutes you read  (use our Sommer Lesespaß form) or the titles you are reading (Mein Bücherliste). Send [...]


Thinking about Planning

I’ve become a planning junkie. It started innocently enough with putting a few deadlines in my calendar and has spread to meals, finances, schooling, business, and … interestingly German! The amazing thing I’ve discovered is that when you plan, you get a whole lot more done! (OK, maybe you already knew this but it was [...]


Creative German with Sabine. An interview with Chrissy Leiberan-Titus

Note: this is the transcript of the audio interview located here. Viel Spass beim Lesen!

Sarah: Can you tell me, how old is your daughter?

Chrissy: Sabine is four, well, she turns four this Sunday.

Sarah: And you’re homeschooling her in German, is that right?

Chrissy: I’m trying to, a little bit.

Sarah: That is very cool. And [...]


Come join the German-speaking Community at Alphabet Garten

Lots of changes at Alphabet Garten!

We’ve just launched a new Community section. You can locate other nearby German speakers in our Playgroups section and trade advice on bilingual parenting in our brand new Bilingual Parenting Forum.

I hope you’ll stop in and join the fun!

We have prizes!

To sweeten the deal, I’ll send one of our [...]


Live like a German! An interview with Bettina Kraft

I’m excited to bring you an audio interview with Bettina Kraft of Live Like a I talk with Bettina about how a unique kind of German vacation can further your family’s German.

Happy listening!