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Easy Readers Update

Our Easy Reader items are changing! We are offering a wider variety, different levels, and different programs. Our Easy Reader category pulls together books designed to help children learn the steps to becoming established readers who can read on their own and comprehend the story. Easy Reader books usually start with a larger print size [...]


Rot, blau, grün - die Farben!

It’s easy to add basic colors to your everyday German “Wortschatz”. As you play and craft with your children, or help your little one get dressed, just slip in the German colors.

We have several books emphasizing colors to help you out. All are meant to be read aloud, but a beginning reader can certainly sound out [...]


Magazines of Summer

This summer we flew in and out of Germany on a family vacation to Mallorca. I shopped at several “Presse” and stocked up on different magazines that we carry at Alphabet Garten. Some I knew from when my kids were younger, but others we carry on the recommendation of friends and our distributor. Since [...]


Ich hab einen Freund series

Introduce your child to various occupations in this Lesemaus paperback series. The stories revolve around a child and a family friend that has an interesting occupation. They spend the day together and discuss the different requirements and activities of the position.

In “Kapitän” we join our friend Bernd on his tugboat “Jenny”, and spend the day in [...]


Ein Tag auf... series

Lesemaus’ series “Ein Tag auf…” uses an engaging story to tell about a specific time and place in history. This paperback series is ideal for reading aloud with easy to understand texts, clear detailed illustrations, and stories that your child can relate to. It is recommend for children over 3 years old. Older children will enjoy the [...]


Lesemaus paperback books

Lesemaus paperback books are one of our favorite series of books!

There are so many reasons to recommend them:

Engaging stories and characters
Detailed and inviting illustrations bring the story to life
Lightweight, and fit perfectly in the seat pocket in your car or in a large purse so you always have a book with you when the kids [...]


Alle Kinder dieser Welt series by Lesemaus

“Lesemaus” is a popular paperback picture book series for children, with entertaining stories that also provide information on a variety of interesting themes. Our children are curious about other cultures and religions, so we were delighted to find the Lesemaus series “Alle Kinder dieser Welt”.

In this series, the focus is on German families with roots in other lands [...]


Signs of Spring

We are seeing signs of Spring here in the Pacific Northwest. The Schneeglöcken are blooming in the garden, and the tips of the tulips and daffodils are starting to emerge. The kids are still excited about skiing every weekend, but I’ve got my eyes on Spring.

If you are thinking Spring also, check out these titles:

Mia [...]


Fasching, Fastnacht, Karneval - Let's Party!

Fasching is just around the corner! Fasching is also known as Fasnacht or Karneval in German-speaking lands, but you may be more familiar with the terms Mardi Gras (New Orleans) or Carnival (Rio de Janeiro). Originally it was celebrated as a way to prepare for Ash Wednesday, and the fasting required during Lent. Now it is one [...]


Winter favorites

Sind die Handschuhe, Puddlemützen, und der Schal dabei?
Jetzt ist Zeit für Schnee, Schneemannbauen, Schlittenfahren, Rodeln, Schlittschuhlaufen und….Skifahren! Jippee!

But when it’s too cold to play outside, why not curl up with a good book?

We have some new winter-themed books for toddlers, including:
Hurra, es ist Winter! – A small board book with pull up tags highlighting all [...]