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Bastelecke - Schwartz Rot Gelb

We have World Cup fever as we root for Team Deutschland. We are traveling in Europe so team colors decorate everything and all the soccer matches are televised everywhere. We even watched part of one of the German games at a Rasthof on the Autobahn! Now we are at our vacation hotel and I saw the cutest craft to decorate for Weltmeisterschaft Fieber!

Paintbrush (it is easier if you have a paintbrush for each color)
Poster paint – black, red and yellow

Option 1:  Paint a hand black, press on paper, wash and repaint with red, wash, repeat with yellow. Make a flag pattern.

Option 2: Paint the hand with 3 broad stripes of black, red, and yellow. Press. Repeat in a random pattern, in stripes, make a flower shape with the heel of the hand in the center, or make a heart shape with the heel of one handprint pressed over the heel of the previous print.

This is a great way to reinforce colors and other vocabulary!


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