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Easy Readers Update

Our Easy Reader items are changing! We are offering a wider variety, different levels, and different programs. Our Easy Reader category pulls together books designed to help children learn the steps to becoming established readers who can read on their own and comprehend the story. Easy Reader books usually start with a larger print size and shorter sentences. As the level increases, the books move to smaller fonts and more complex sentences.

Don’t forget that reading is a skill and success takes practice, practice and more practice! Try these tips with your child:

  •  Have your child read and reread books at the correct level and below to build confidence and fluency.
  • When they are reading aloud, praise them for their efforts as they sound the words out.
  • Find themes that your child enjoys so they want to read.
  • Read books above level to and with your child to inspire them and show why reading is so much fun.
  • When you read aloud, use lots of expression and model good, fluid reading – bringing together the written and spoken German and tying it all together.

Here are a few of our favorites:Level 2A set
•   Lesemaus zum Leselernen – We have been offering these small booklets in Sets but the publisher has discontinued the booklets and is re-issuing the stories in hardcover format with 3 stories in each book. In the new format, the stories are grouped by theme and contain both Lesestufe 1 and Lesestufe 2 stories. They still have the puzzles and questions for each story to help with comprehension. Two booklet sets are still available while supplies last — Conni set and Level 2A set. For the new hardcover books, check out the Abenteuergeschichten, Starke Geschichten, and Kommissar Kugelblitz.

•  Prinzessin Rosalea und das GeheimrezeptDual level readers – These books have a more involved storyline for established or adult readers, with some paragraphs in a simpler style so beginning readers can read too. Examples of this style are the “Erst ich ein Stück, dann du” and the “Ich für dich, du für mich” series. To see an example, check out the Leseprobe for one of our favorites: “Prinzessin Rosalea und das Geheimrezept“.

•   Leserabe is a series by major publisher Ravensburger which offers several levels of Easy Readers. In the Leserabe Silbenmethode series, words are visually broken into color-coded syllables to help with sounding out the words which helps the child make the connection between letters and sounds. These are meant to be read aloud by the beginning reader. Examples include “Der verhexte Schulranzen” and “Der kleine Drache und der Monsterhund“.

Die OlchisWe have other Easy Readers as well, including Die Olchis, Leselöwen books with audio CDs, the dual language “Pia kommt in die Schule“, Janosch, etc.). Many of these books are series with many books — we can’t carry them all but we’re happy to special order if your little one finds the series they love. Just let us know if you want more information on additional titles.

For more advanced readers, check out our Youth selection with a variety of levels and recommended ages.


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