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Rot, blau, grün - die Farben!

It’s easy to add basic colors to your everyday German “Wortschatz”. As you play and craft with your children, or help your little one get dressed, just slip in the German colors.

We have several books emphasizing colors to help you out. All are meant to be read aloud, but a beginning reader can certainly sound out words and practice reading in German.  Most little ones love to constantly reread their favorite book, which will help your child learn the meaning of the German words.

Ich kenne alle FarbenIch kenne alle Farben -
“Glockenblume, Fisch und Flasche, alles BLAU – wie Pauls Tasche.”
Help Paul learn his colors by turning the wheel to match the silly text on each page.Grün, grün, grün

Grün, grün, grün sind alle meine Kleider – One of my favorite children’s songs is beautifully captured in this board book with fun illustrations. Like the song, each page layout highlights a different color and occupation relating to that color. For example, the “rot” page shows a little girl in her red bedroom, but lift the large flap and it’s a fire truck rescuing a cat from the roof of a house. You’ll find a version of the song on the CD “Alle Vögel sind schon da“.

Wir bauen ein Piratenboot!Grün, blau, rot – Wir bauen ein Piratenboot! – Socke, the little raven wearing one striped sock, builds a pirate boat with his friends and learns his colors too. They use a red box, a green broom, a blue scarf, and more to make their colorful, imaginary boat. Each page has a simple (9 piece) puzzle that your little one will enjoy putting together.


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