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Review: Conni feiert Weihnachten

“Lustig, lustig, trallalalala…” Conni sees the Lebkuchen and chocolate Nikolaus in the supermarket and knows Christmas is coming.  There is so much to do!  First she has to make Christmas ornaments for the tree and an Adventskalender.  Then a visit to the Weihnachtsmarkt and maybe a chance to talk to the Weihnachtsman!  Enjoy the season with Conni as she sets [...]


Review: Mitmach Buch

If you are like me, you have times you wonder how much German your children are actually processing. Sometimes when it looks like their eyes are glazing over and they respond with “Ja” or “Nein” a little too much, I like to pull out the Mitmach Buch I recently purchased from Alphabet Garten.

This is such [...]



We treasure our German holiday traditions and they play a huge role in our family… Starting with the Adventskalender, of course! We both grew up with Advent calendars. My first ones were sent from family in Germany and we taped them to the window so the light would shine through the lovely pictures when the [...]


Christmas songbook for toddlers

It’s never too early for Christmas music! Well, that is my philosophy. I try to hold off until after Thanksgiving, because I love Thanksgiving as well, but I usually can’t help myself. I just love the music of the season!

I also love using anything I can to help put more German into our everyday lives. [...]


Sonne, Mond und Sterne (Martinstag is Nov. 11)

In Germany and Austria, Martinstag, honoring the life of Sankt Martin, is celebrated on November 11. As the traditional songs will tell you, it is a time to take out your lantern, gather with friends and light the darkness in honor of a “good man”. 

 We craft lanterns and usually participate in the local Laternenumzug, meeting [...]