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Fingerspiele - Zwei Zappelmänner

Fingerspiele are fun little rhymes and hand movements to do with and for children. Your toddler will giggle, and love the attention, while you gently introduce more German into your lives. Here’s an example from Fingerspiele, Klassiker und neue Ideen für Babys und Kleinkinder. (Translation by Sarah Mueller).
Viel Spaß!

Zwei Zappelmänner

Zwei Zappelmänner
aus dem Sack!
Der eine heißt [...]


Let's get excited about School

Our first day of school is just around the corner. To help the kids get ready, we pull out the books that have a school theme. Here are a few suggestions for your library:

Conni kommt in den Kindergarten - Conni turns 3 years old and can finally go to preschool (German “Kindergarten” actually covers what’s called preschool in [...]


Schultüte - a German tradition to celebrate the start of school

Can you believe it’s August and school is starting? Our schools don’t start until after Labor Day so we have a few more days, but I know some of you have already begun!  Do you have your Schultüte ready?

The Schultüte is a lovely German tradition that we have adopted in our family to celebrate the [...]


Review: tiptoi® Interactive Learning System from Ravensburger

The tiptoi® digital-audio learning system from Ravensburger is one interesting find from our recent visit abroad. We’ve had a number of requests for interactive books, so we took a closer look. After several days of play we’re still very happy with the tiptoi® system, so we’re bringing it to Alphabet Garten. We will be stocking [...]


Summer Reading Program ends with a raffle on Aug. 31

Summer is winding down and so is our Summer Reading Program, but it’s not too late to submit your reading list or book review by August 31 and enter the last raffle. For more information about the program click here or check out the webpage under “Freebies“.

If you registered, use your Summer Reading Program coupon [...]