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July Raffle Winner!

Our winner for the July Summer Reading Program raffle is Grace G. of San Diego. Her favorite book that she read is “Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt” by Eric Carle. Congratulations Grace!

Don’t forget, we have another raffle coming up in August so keep reading!


Interactive books

Okay, we’ve made it through our first day in the bookstores. We didn’t make it to our favorite store specializing in educational materials, so workbooks and the like will be another day or two. We’ve had several requests for interactive books and games, so we spent some time today looking for those. We used to [...]


Ich packe meinen Koffer...

Have you played “Koffer packen” with your kids? It’s a “telephone” style game, that’s fun to play while travelling.

The first person starts out with “Ich packe meinen Koffer und nehme …. mit.” The second player repeats that and adds one item, and so it continues. You can adapt it to things you know, or the [...]