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Celebrate Christmas in the traditional German style


 Wir freuen uns auf Weihnachten is a delightful Christmas book.  It has countless cutout shapes in each page, cleverly turning colors and pictures into another item on the next page.  The story begins in a Kindergarten class preparing for Weihnachtsmarkt.  The room is full of crafts and a hanging advent calendar.  The next [...]


Caillou is fun in German, too!

My two year old son loves Caillou, and he particularly enjoyed being able to experience Caillou in German!


Caillou und der kleine Hund tells the story of Caillou’s adventures helping his grandmother take care of a dog named Albert.  In doing so, Caillou discovers that he wants a dog all of his own.  When [...]


Prepare for Christmas with the Kleine Hexe

Die kleine Hexe feiert Weihnachten tells the story of Lisbeth, the little witch, who is busily trying to prepare for Christmas.  She keeps getting delayed by unexpected visitors.  In the end, she is able to get her Christmas tree decorated and cookies baked in time to host her Christmas gathering, which is made extra special [...]