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A puzzle book for Christmas

Ein besonderes Kind: Die Geschichte von Jesu Geburt
This is a book you want to study the cover layout closely before presenting to your child, for the cover harbors the puzzle pieces which makes the book “Ein besonderes Kind” a very special book as far as my three and five year old were concerned.


The story itself is [...]


A Leo Lionni gem: Das gehört mir!

Leo Lionni, one of my favorite children’s authors, ceases to disappoint in Das Gehört mir! [...]


Christmas with the Bear Family – a Review

Es Weihnachtet sehr bei Familie Bär is a fun book that allows the readers to peek into the Bears’ home to see all their Christmas preparations.  The first page introduces us to all the members of the family, including their three pets.

The flap windows are a huge plus for the little ones.   There are a lot [...]