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Eine grosse Welt fuer kleine Leute

Emma wohnt by Jutta Bauer was my first read of the Emma series, so to my surprise the first thought that came to mind was “different”.  I soon grew to appreciate the child’s perspective of the story and the illustrations.  Emma is in a grown up’s world and everything in each room is bigger than she is.  To a tired child, climbing a long staircase would be like climbing a mountain!


“Uff! Ist diese Treppe hoch! Warte noch, ich schaffe es noch!

Translation: “Whew! These stairs are high! Just wait, I can do it.”

Outside is dreary and inside isn’t much better.  As she looks forward to the cheery morning, we follow Emma as she does everyday tasks around her house from the kitchen to the bathroom.  We learn a few good words along the way too! Geared toward young toddlers who are learning to be independent, she also totes a little bear with her in a few pages.

The illustrations are basic with pops of bright red in each picture.  The text is AABB, so it’s easy for parents and children to read together.  A winner of the Deutscher Jugendliteratur Preis, it is a great addition to the library.

Emma wohnt

Age recommendation: Baby-3

Fluency recommendation: Beginner

Review by: Rebecca Bluemel


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