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Virtual trips to Germany boarding now...

Are you looking for a fun way to include some structured German in your summer activities?

Do you want to use the summer to help your kids improve their German vocabulary and comprehension? Then why not book a Trip to Germany? No, not a real trip; this is a trip you take from the comfort of [...]


Eine grosse Welt fuer kleine Leute

Emma wohnt by Jutta Bauer was my first read of the Emma series, so to my surprise the first thought that came to mind was “different”.  I soon grew to appreciate the child’s perspective of the story and the illustrations.  Emma is in a grown up’s world and everything in each room is bigger than [...]


Excitement, adventure, danger around every corner!

Leon und die wilden Ritter

When you get to the last page of a book and your listeners regret that there’s not another chapter to come, the author has achieved success!  In fact, at the request of my 6-year-old, I’ve started rereading from the beginning, and he’s just as attentive this second [...]