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Broaden your horizons with “Wir entdecken das Hotel”

We have several other Lesemaus titles.  I have been impressed by how well-researched and -written they are.  Wir entdecken das Hotel is no exception.

This book describes a trip taken by Familie Lohman.  That story itself contains all manner of great information about hotels.  In addition, thoughtfully-selected “sidebars” present other interesting and very timely aspects of hotels [...]


Utter cuteness in “Max und der Keks”

Max und der Keks will charm young children.  This 28 page book tells the story of Max who loves eating cookies and what happens when his dog, Wauwau, tries to eat his cookie.  My 9 month old son enjoys this story.  He finds the rhythm of the story quite appealing.

Although [...]


Where are we going? Der Flughafen.

I highly recommend Der Flughafen for any child interested in planes or who will be traveling by plane for the first time.   Each page will take your child step by step through the process of air travel.

Colorful, detailed illustrations appeal to a child’s curiosity.
Almost every page contains flaps.  Under each flap your child will [...]


Your reviews on Facebook

Would you mind helping me out?

You can now post reviews of the German books (and music and DVDs) on our site, right through your Facebook account!

Now on every product page on our site, you’ll see a Connect with Facebook button. Find the book you’d like to review, click the Facebook button and follow the [...]


The Prepared Environment

Why a prepared environment is helpful for your family’s use of [...]


Classic Kinderlieder

Hoppe, hoppe, Reiter with CD is a beautiful compilation of children’s rhymes!  The illustrations are classic with monochromatic color schemes for each rhyme and full of smiling toys, oven mitts, and moon (to name a few).  Each illustration has children, toys, animals, or a combination of them all.  It really captures the whimsy of childhood.

The [...]


Cards in a can

Meine erste Lernspieldose: Spielen und Schreiben

It had to be fun, coming out of a tin can!
Colorful, easy to hold and many of them is a preschooler’s definition of fun cards. Housed in a tin box, there are about half a dozen different ‘types’ of the 50 cards to correspond to various degrees of [...]