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Broaden your horizons with “Wir entdecken das Hotel”

We have several other Lesemaus titles.  I have been impressed by how well-researched and -written they are.  Wir entdecken das Hotel is no exception.

This book describes a trip taken by Familie Lohman.  That story itself contains all manner of great information about hotels.  In addition, thoughtfully-selected “sidebars” present other interesting and very timely aspects of hotels and restaurants.  For example, the section on Speisekarten mentions that computers — instead of waiters’ notebooks or memories — are now often used to capture restaurant patrons’ orders.  This was actually the subject of an article in our newspaper recently!  I personally appreciated the sidebar titled Die Sache mit den Handtüchern.  It gives a tutorial on how to place your towels as code to the hotel staff to let them know that you do, or do not, want fresh ones.  That’s a nice reminder and tip for keeping the environment in mind when you’re away from home.
We received our review copy of this book with perfect timing, just before my older son and I left for a weekend trip that had us staying in… a hotel (with a German-speaking group, no less)!  We were able to see how our hotel was the same as, and different from, the one visted by the Lohmans.  The hallway in ours looked just like the one shown in the book, right down to the Fluchtwegschilder on the walls, and the Brauseköpfe on the ceiling.  We witnessed the wonders of the Heinzelmännchen Reinigungspersonal who made our beds while we were out.
My son was disappointed that our Schwimmbad was closed.  Then again, it was winter!  On the bright side, our hotel was right next to the beach (though that loses a little appeal when it’s just above freezing and the wind is blowing!).
And, oh, the book’s description of das Frühstückstücksbüffet!  Both of my boys perked up when they saw the illustration of buffet tables laden with goodies of all sorts.  We went through each of the food labels one-by-one — I could just see them loading up breakfast plates in their minds!

Here’s another reason I like Sachgeschichten from Lesemaus books – they appeal to my children, with the bonus of introducing me to subject-specific words that are not used in day-to-day conversational German.  My German is very-near-native, but I don’t often talk about hotels and restaurants.  Now, I have some new vocabulary words.  In fact, my son and I were able to put them to immediate use during our trip!

Wir entdecken das Hotel

Age recommendation: Ages 8-10.  My 6-year-old listened politely, while my 9-year-old engaged more fully, asking questions, and comparing what the book explained with his own experiences.

Fluency recommendation: Advanced

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