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Where are we going? Der Flughafen.

I highly recommend Der Flughafen for any child interested in planes or who will be traveling by plane for the first time.   Each page will take your child step by step through the process of air travel.

Colorful, detailed illustrations appeal to a child’s curiosity.
Almost every page contains flaps.  Under each flap your child will discover another step in the travel process.  The publisher suggests that this book is appropriate for children ages 24 months – 4 years.  However, my impression is that the amount of text on each page would be too much to hold the attention of a 24 month old.  Nonetheless, the pictures will certainly appeal to children 24 months and younger.

My 9 month old son thoroughly enjoyed playing with the flaps on each page and listening as I narrated what was going on in each picture.  Children who are in the upper end of the suggested age range will be more likely to enjoy the text of the story.  Any young child who is  interested in air travel or is preparing to fly for the first time will appreciate this book.

Der Flughafen

Age recommendation: 6 months – 5 years old
Fluency recommendation: Beginner and up
Submitted by: Melissa Mowrey


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