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B312975 - Der kleine Klo-König

B312975 - Der kleine Klo-König



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Sitting on the toilet is like sitting on a throne, but it's getting a bit boring. Leon knows what will help!

Leon's potty training adventure. Mama has a surprise for Leon; a beautiful wrapped present! He opens it, but what is it - a swimring? a hat? an airplane? Finally Mama explains it's a potty seat. They rush to try it out. Mama helps Leon onto the seat -it's like sitting on a throne! Leon sits and sits and gets a bit bored. He talks to Mama, wriggles around and plays with the toilet paper. Finally he goes and gets Teddy to sit with him. Success!

Auf seinem Klositz fühlt sich Leon wie auf einem Thron, aber es ist schon ein wenig langweilig. Doch Leon weiß sich zu helfen! Und dann muss er auch endlich Pipi machen…


By: Sandra Grimm


Format: Boardbook, 20 pages

Dimensions: 13 cm x 12.8 cm


Item id: B312975