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B028177 - Kampf um Burg Elliot (L2)

B028177 - Kampf um Burg Elliot (L2)



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A knight's life is exciting - especially if the castle is besieged by enemies! In this exciting medieval history, accompany a knight and his squire as they experience the siege, and learn about the duties of a squire and castle defense.

The SuperReaders! books combine the best of material and narrative book: exciting stories are complemented by interesting background information combining fun and learning! There are the books in three reading levels: for new readers in yellow, for beginning readers in green, for reading professionals in blue. At the end of each volume there is a quiz with questions on the text, as well as hints and tips for parents, as they learn their child while reading can best support.

The stories of the second reading level are perfect for kids from the end of the first to the second class of school. 64 pages, there are varied stories in great primer script and with many images - so reading i