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Parenting auf Deutsch - German Phrases for Parents

How do you say that in German? 

Parenting Auf Deutsch

Have you ever been frustrated because you want to speak with your child in German, but you just don't have the "kidspeak" or vocabulary to say what you want? Do you need some standard German phrases to get speaking in a variety of situations?

Many parents can comfortably hold a conversation with other adults in German, but are at a loss when trying to discuss bedtime, homework, or bathroom needs with their kids.

German classes usually don't teach this kind of stuff. You have to learn it on the job.

But it's hard to learn these phrases on the job if you don't have a German friend or relative to teach you.

That's where our phrase guide can help. You'll get 352 phrases in 12 categories including:

  • bedtime
  • playground
  • school
  • discipline
  • phrase
  • birthdays
  • greetings

...and more.

So let's get started!

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Here's what others are saying about our free e-books.


Hi Sarah,

You made my day! I will say it again. You made my day! I have been struggling this summer with how to bring more German words and phrases into my children's vocabulary while having the summer off from German school. My kids are 4 & 7. Then I read your e-mail and received my free e-book. What a fabulous resource! Professionally organized, simple to follow, and everything I would want to teach my kids (but couldn't think of)! Five stars ***** for a very useful tool! Thank you so very much for your PASSION to facilitate and encourage the German language in our families. You may reuse any part of what I have said on your website or blog because other parents need to dig into this incredible tool you have given us for free.

Very gratefully yours,

G. Clark

South Carolina



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