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Join the Conversation!

One of the things we like the most about Alphabet Garten is the chance we get to talk with our customers. We love to share the things we've learned, and it's great to hear what works for other folks.

It seems like there are a million different ways to communicate these days, so we wanted to share with you the tools that we use to keep in touch. We use several, because each has its own particular strengths.

We've added links to the main page and to each product page to make it easier to share and follow.  No matter how you join the conversation, we love to hear from you! 

Newsletter & Blog

Our newsletter comes out approximately once per month. It consists of a topical article or two (recent newsletters have talked about summer travel and Schultüten), as well as announcements or other information about goings-on in the store, including new arrivals. You can sign up for our newsletter here.

We use our blog primarily for posts with a longer shelf-life -- topical articles, interesting cultural or linguistic tidbits and product reviews. The blog is here.


Visit Alphabet Garten on FacebookOur Facebook page is great for two-way conversations.

We post announcements and share interesting items we find across the web. We generally link from Facebook to new blog posts and announce particularly interesting new arrivals there.

We solicit feedback from customers on Facebook, particularly when we come across new and interesting things. For example, we now carry tiptoi® products and an expanded range of workbooks thanks to conversations we've had on our Facebook page.

We get a lot of questions from customers and we love to advise where we can. Occasionally we can't though, so we'll post them to Facebook, where we're continually impressed at the quality of the answers we get from our community.

In addition to our Facebook page, we've added easy "Like" and "Send" buttons on each product pages to make it easier to share your discoveries with Facebook friends, and a Facebook comment box that you can use for product reviews.


Visit AlphabetGarten on PinterestOur Pinterest page is like a giant, shared pinboard in the sky. It's still pretty new, but it's filling up fast!

Broken into sections by topic and updated continuously with interesting bits and pieces we find across the web. This is the place to find a wide variety of links to all sorts of German-themed information from all over the world.

Our Pinterest boards are a lot wider-ranging than Facebook, the blog or the newsletter. In addition to interesting information on German kid's books, music and videos, craft projects, we (will) have sections for things like recipes, travel tips, pop culture or general information about raising multilingual children.

For those who already use Pinterest, we've added a "Pin It" button to each product page to make it easier to pin and share your Alphabet Garten discoveries.


Our twitter feed isn't the best place to have a conversation (that's Facebook) or get any sort of detailed information (that's the Blog), but it is the best way to find out what's going on in all of those other places. 

We usually tweet to announce newsletters and blog posts, and we'll frequently call attention to particulary interesting discussions in progress on Facebook. 

We try to announce the arrival of interesting new products in the store or the return of popular items that have been out of stock.

For those who use Twitter, we've added a "Tweet" button to each product page so you can tweet your discoveries.


Of course you can always reach us by email via our contact page. We love to hear from you, and we're always happy to answer questions or give suggestions or to hear any feedback or suggestions you have.  We're also happy to take special orders for products we don't carry in the store on a regular basis.


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