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Customer Testimonials

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This (Summer Reading Program) was great and took a long time, so it encouraged lots of time reading German. I think my German has improved since I have read to [my daughter] so much!! Thanks,

Katy R. (8/2014)

Thanks for making these products available in the U.S.! I remember to check your site from time to time thanks to your Facebook updates. :)

Kelly K. (9/2013) 

I read you like to talk with bilingual parents so I thought I shoot you an email to THANK YOU for this and your other wonderful helpful tools for us parents, and grandparents ;) who need a little push to continue passing on this valuable gift of a second language we can give our children and grand children. My husband and I just purchased the Baby book gift kit and had it sent straight to our son and daughter-in-law for our grandson Aviel who is 14 months. Our son is eager to receive it to get started in passing on the gift. 

In our family I am the German/Mom and my husband is the English speaking Dad, and our son is the German speaking Dad and his wife is the English speaking Mom.

Thank you again Sarah!!!


Mrs. Heidrun B., aka Aviel's Omi 

Your efforts in this creating a home to speak German are just beautiful.  Thank you for your free download.


Stacy H.

I am so excited!!  We are making progress!!  I knew my girls understood everything in German, but I hadn't required them to speak German until I realized my error.  Yesterday, while watching their Valentines' Day gift of the Dornröschen DVD, my 5 year old exclaimed loud, clearly, and unprompted in 2 complete German sentences how terrible the witch is and that she does not like her because she is not nice.  This was the best Valentines' Day gift I have ever received!!
Thanks for your stuff! 




It is wonderful to have a local and reliable resource from which to purchase German books and DVDs. I really like how your selection is always changing. There is always something new to buy.

Claudia G. 



I just stumbled across a link to your website from yahoo answers and when I saw it I thought I would cry! I met my husband Christian(from Berlin) here in America and we have a 5 year old daughter who is from my previous marriage. She loves her papa and can now understand him much better than she could at first but we have wanted to find ways to teach her to speak German besides what she learns from papa (more beginner's stuff and pictures help connect with the spoken words). Her accent is quite good!

I was convinced years ago that someday I would marry a German man and so collected books and magazines for years including many kids books but they are all a little too old for her age level and she does not focus as much as she would if they were for younger kids with more pictures and were about Thomas the train or dinosaurs. Her 2 favorite subjects!

I have already found several books here we will be orde